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MentorshipEmail to inquire about personal mentorship, a 1-year program including monthly online meetings

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Online Private Meditation Classes

Private Classes: Register in the Cart then EMAIL to schedule. Take one class, or register for a series.

Group Online Classes: One-Class NOVEMBER 23.
Upcoming course “Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Meditation” on MONDAYS starting January 6, 2020 at 6pm pacific. REGISTER

Mentoring: Email to inquire about mentorship, a 1-year program including monthly online meetings, audio recordings, plus emailed personalized practices.

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Open to all.  Ask Padma all your questions about meditation and about how this practice and knowledge actually translates into you living a freer and happier life.

Take one private class and expand your awareness! Take a series and learn how an ongoing practice can radically free you and let you live in freedom.

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4 class set = $400 CAD
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“Tap into the infinite sense of freedom and joy that is your true essence.” Padma

“Your meditation and yoga have given me the power to stay calm, happy and let go of worries and to feel free and pure. It is a struggle but watching and listening to you have empowered me in so many ways.” Student


Email Padma  Schedule your private online class from anywhere in the world, one-to-one with Padma via Zoom, by email or on the phone. 

Padma is teaching PRIVATE CLASSES online and by phone. In these classes, you will have the time to explore your own questions and concerns and have practices designed specifically for you. Padma will assess your needs and design a program of meditation practices for your personal needs at this time. You will also receive an audio recording of your talk for your continuing home practice.

Meet for one or a series of private classes to learn the skills of sustainable wellness, inner awareness and peace. You will practice meditation together, in the comfortable of your own home.

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Group Online Live Classes with Padma.


Discover Yoga of the Mind! Learn Yogic philosophy and explore how the philosophy of the sages is packed with wisdom and skills that are immediately useful in our modern daily lives. The book Patanjali Yoga Sutras is a gold-mine of Yogic Meditation Wisdom, and it is designed to be discussed with an expert teacher, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Padma expertly introduces this Sanskrit text that is the main and classic meditator’s guide to enlightenment. She not only guides you through the Sanskrit verses, but reveals their deepest secret meanings. You’ll chant in perfect sanskrit too! There will be lots of Q&A time and you can ask all your questions.

REGISTER HERE for the 4 week Live Online course,  or DROP-IN  for one class online.

and all 4 Monday evening in January at 6pm (Pacific)  in January
Students from all time zones welcome!
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COST Pre-Register: all 4 online sessions in January for just $100 CAD
DROP-IN: One time $30 CAD

*If you live in Roberts Creek, B.C., then you can also Drop-in LIVE online with a group at Yoga By The Sea, Roberts Creek, BC for $30 at the Door at 6pm Mondays in January (or pre-register).

You can order your copy at SHYAMSWISDOM

 “Excellent meditation! Thank you Padma! I feel totally relaxed and my breath feels completely clear. It feels like I’m breathing in menthol. What a fantastic sensation. Perfect.”- TV Viewer

“Thank you Padma for sharing you graceful yoga poses and wisdom – helping to awaken people and making the world a better place. I can’t think of a better way to start the day! Namaste.” – Stephen