Online Meditation Course

Start Date: Register Now!

Tuition: $50 CAD

The 2-Week Course begins each Wednesday.

Padma Beginning Meditation

Online Meditation Course

Start Date: Each Wednesday!

Tuition: $50 CAD

Change Your Life

  • Stream Videos
  • Read Manuals
  • Listen to daily guided meditation Audios

A two-week, accessible, introductory course to start you off right. Get a sound foundation in the simple practice and basic wisdom of meditation.  Avoid confusion and complication, and get to the heart of peace.

This course will provide you with:

  • 2 VIDEOs – 45 minutes (one each week)
  • 2 AUDIOs – 20 minutes to be practised daily (one each week)
  • 2 MANUAL – 10 pages each

Each week you’ll watch the Video as many times as you like, Listen to the Audio every day and follow the guided meditations, and also read through the Manual and take your own notes. You’ll have Video streaming access for 3 months to review these as many times as you like. You’ll download the Audio mp3s and Manual pdfs to keep forever for your personal study and reference.

You can also email to Padma when you have inquiries.

Enjoy this easy, beginning course and start to meditate!

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What students say:

“I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying the Begin Meditation. I’m so happy to be able to learn from you! Thank you so much.” JS. Vermont USA

“Gratitude for our Begin Meditation experience, which offers peace and serene joy day by day.” MD, Florida USA

“It was fantastic and beautifully presented.

“I notice I’m more open, relaxed and at ease during my daily activities and this happiness is contagious to most people and situations I meet.

“I sleep much deeper than before. I also noticed my mind is quieter.

“Materials were excellent. It was great to have a manual.  I love each video and meditation video, it is wonderful to listen to your voice and to just relax!

“This has been another positive experience that I’ve had with Padma and her style of teaching, opening me up to truly starting to understand how to meditate and how it will benefit me as a life-long practice.

“I’ve learned how an ancient philosophy and practice can still hold truth and meaning today. This course has enriched my life and has given me a deeper understanding of myself and others.

“I found the materials set up very well, looked awesome and easy to use.

“The most interesting aspect each week was talking about our minds, how they work and how you can change your thoughts!

:I liked that the course overtly built on the practices and philosophies of the previous week, all moving toward the overall theme of freedom.

“The yoga DVD’s that were suggested were an awesome addition. They really tied it together for me.

“Thank you for all of the care and thought you put into preparing this course.

“The course has really done so much, there is such great peace in stillness. This course has made me take time for just me and I am forever grateful.” CS. Vancouver

“The course is very comprehensive and professional – great value for the money.” CP. Montreal 

“I just wanted to check in and tell you how much I’m enjoying the Begin Meditation it is just so clear to me you are the teacher I was brought to!  I’m so looking forward to be on this journey with you!”  PS. California USA

Total Study and Practice = 8 hours