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"Padma Meditation reminds me I am clear, infinite sky! I love her workshops!

Sarah McLachlan, Musician

“My meditation class with Padma was a great wake-up call.”

Uma Thurman, Actor



Padma is Canada’s premier teacher of meditation. She inspires you to find freedom and know your bliss. Her guidance awakens your joy, clarity and strength. 

For 30 years Padma, Marla Stewart B.Sc., studied in the Himalayas with a master in an Advait Vedant (Non-Dual) Meditation lineage, and is certified to teach Advanced Meditation by the International Meditation Institute of India.

Padma produced 143 television episodes of PADMA YOGA, aired daily on TV across Canada since 2003.

Since 2000, she has offered workshops internationally, including in schools, to athletes, corporations and A-list Hollywood stars. She has created 12 DVDs of her work, plus developed a powerful Meditation Teacher Training Program.

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Student’s Words

“I love my meditations with Padma. In interviews after these classes I speak with more clarity, surety and self-awareness.”

Freida Pinto


“Padma is a gifted teacher who breathes life and relevance into the ancient teachings of philosophy and meditation. She answers questions with grace and ease, sharing her keen intellect and wealth of meditation experience. Padma has imparted a spirit of freedom into my practice. I leave her classes with renewed clarity, brightness and ease of mind.”
Patrick Warren


“Just to be in Padma’s presence is to feel her radiance and resiliency, never mind her vast knowledge of the meditation sutras and understanding of the Sanskrit language. Padma inspires us to live life fully.”
Kate Potter

Yoga Master & TV Host

You speak your knowledge in such a present easy to understand way that often I forget just how much knowledge (from decades of dedicated practice) you actually have….Thank you SO much for this.


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The mission of Padma Meditation is to offer education and skills for finding personal freedom, and to support living in peace, health and happiness.