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Meditation and Mantra

Join Padma and friends 3-times-a-week for 3 weeks, in this half-hour meditation group. We meet Monday and Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am pacific time zone. Join all sessions LIVE or at your own time with the audio link.

Never miss a class! Each session will be recorded and you’ll receive the link to the audio.

We start with a few words of support from Padma, as she offers wisdom from her own meditation. We then listen to a sanskrit chant or Padma chants a mantra for us. We’ll then meditate in silence for 10 minutes. After, there’s time for you to ask questions and share your experience.

This class is offered on a sliding scale subscription for 3 weeks. You can give from minimum $50 up to $100 CAD per session to join and then attend any of the online sessions that month. Once you register you’ll receive a link to the ZOOM meeting room for the month and use this for all the sessions you join that month.

JANUARY 11 to 29, 2021


All at 9am pacific time zone

An 8-week live online wisdom and practice series with Padma.

Meditation and Wisdom: the Patanjali Yoga Sutras

An 8-week series on the eight limbs of Yoga!

The eight limbs are known as the essential steps of all Yoga practice. We’ll dive in and discover the deeper meanings and lessons in these key wisdom verses. You’ll also chant them in sanskrit!

Live with less stress and more joy. You can be strong and fearless even as you go through big life changes. Together online we’ll discuss, explore and practice the techniques of meditation and yoga skills that lead you to lasting peace and strength.

Padma expertly guides you through 8 classes of self-discovery and empowerment. Each class is 75 minutes.

Join this world-wide class and advance your meditation and yogic philosophy. Great for all Yoga Teachers!
Padma will be speaking with you live online, answering your questions and guiding you in meditation.

*Never miss a class. Each class is recorded and you’ll get access to the audio recording each week of the class.

5 to 6:15pm each Monday for 8 weeks
pacific time zone

Students from all time zones welcome
ONLINE via Zoom. Once you register you’ll receive your Zoom invitation to the Meeting.
Join Online from anywhere!
“Even online you are able to create a space of peace and freedom. Amazing.” PW, student of 10 years


An 8-week series
JANUARY 11 to MARCH 1, 2021
5 to 6:15 pm pacific time zone

$195 CAD

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What students are saying

“I am so grateful for the teachings and experiences I am receiving through you. I’m aware of a sense of excitement each day when I settle into meditation and find myself integrating a deeper awareness throughout my days.”

“I am so grateful for having met you and being part of your meditation group and the deep and insightful discussions that happen there.”

“Thank you for our time together this evening. I felt so blessed in the teachings you shared and kept hearing inside of me “brilliant, brilliant!” with great joy and freedom. I sense the word brilliant reflects the brilliance of light that shines through the teachings.”

“Your classes are so intimate and special. I really look forward to them and learn something quite profound each time.”

“I found your course to be very simply stated with deep meaning.”

“I feel lighter!”

“Every time I hear Padma I find more clarity. Clarity and calm are leadership skills!”

“The freedom that you’ve introduced to me has given me the sense of power to direct my life on a path that I am more certain of now.”


The mission of Padma Meditation is to offer education and skills for finding personal freedom, and to support living in peace, health and happiness.