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PADMA MEDITATION is owned and operated by its founder, Marla Stewart, B.Sc., known as Padma. Established in 2000, PADMA MEDITATION offers high-quality, professional meditation teachings through educational products, Introduction Courses, Certified Meditation Teacher Training, Designer Courses and Advanced Studies. Padma also hosts four national television series aired daily across Canada.

Padma Meditation Teacher Training is soundly based in time-tested, classical meditation wisdom, as well as designed to suit our western culture. The program lays the foundation for a deep personal practice and the ability to offer meditation to others.

Padma’s unique, professional teachings integrate eastern contemplative wisdom with western science and our modern, daily lifestyle. Padma Meditation includes meditations, eastern psychology, spiritual philosophy, Sanskrit studies, chanting, gentle yoga, diet and other proven health practices. Meditation techniques include mindfulness, breath, concentration, mantra and directly connecting with inner silence and power.

Increase your inner strength and joy and de-stress your life. You will be more effective and efficient in your personal and business lives and not waste extra energy. Through Padma Meditation you will find exceptional mental clarity, self-understanding, creative inspiration, intuitive wisdom, freedom and compassionate insight. PM is designed for inner personal exploration and simply for coping with everyday stress. You can attain high-level performance, sharper awareness, focus and efficiency.

PADMA MEDITATION produces high-quality multi-media material available for purchase from our online store or fine retailers.

Wherever you are in your meditation practice, PADMA MEDITATION offers you something unique and effective. From introductory, secular, fun workshops to more in-depth study of Sanskrit scriptures, trust PADMA MEDITATION.

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The mission of Padma Meditation is to offer education and skills for finding personal freedom, and to support living in peace, health and happiness.