"Padma Meditation awakens your awareness and brightens your life."

What is Padma Meditation?

In Padma Meditation classes and courses you learn skills and knowledge to discover the peace and power that is in you. You can live with clarity and calmness of mind, and act in awareness and peace. Padma Meditation, established in 2000, is a renowned school of meditation promoting health, strength and happiness. The trainings make you happier, more at ease and more effective in daily life.

Padma masterfully translates ancient wisdom into modern language and makes it clear, accessible and relevant. The lessons expertly integrate eastern contemplative wisdom with western knowledge, and are directly applicable in whatever you choose to do. These teachings are solidly based in time-tested traditions of Vedant meditation.

Padma Meditation offers Online Meditation Courses and a complete Online Meditation Teacher Training Program.

Padma Meditation is free from religion, focusing on ideas and skills that best increase happiness, health and clarity of mind.

Padma Meditation awakens your self knowledge. Meditation is the main practice. Two supporting wings to this practice are Self-Study and Skills.

  • Meditation expands through quiet, still inner watchfulness.
  • Self-Study include eastern philosophy and psychology plus an exploration of the mind’s functions and habits.
  • Skills include breathwork, mantra, concentrations and other yogic techniques.

Padma features these philosophies and techniques in her nationally-aired television series, Padma Yoga.


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What are the practices?

Padma Meditation is a meditation school deriving from classical methods in Vedant philosophy. There are three core aspects of Padma Meditation:

Self Study

Self Study includes philosophy of the nature of mind and ego, unfolding clarity and freedom from suffering.


Practices include gentle yogic techniques, concentration techniques, mantra chanting and breath exercises.


Meditation is the core practice and teaching, and includes sitting in stillness, watchfulness, and direct self knowledge.

Free From Struggle

Meditate and look within yourself to find freedom; Then live in health, love and happiness.

What is the philosophy?

Discover the peace and power that is in you, then live with clarity of mind, making decisions based with more awareness.

This lineage originates in the Vedant meditation wisdom tradition and for centuries has been passed on through direct transmission from teachers to students. These meditation techniques were directly transmitted to Padma by her meditation teacher in the Himalayas of India over the last 30 years. Padma’s unique voice expresses this wisdom and makes it accessible and applicable to daily living in the 21st century.

Vedant wisdom is that you are already free and pure, and it is just the attachment to habits of the mind that create suffering in our lives. Once you come to understand this intellectually, practise the purification skills, meditate on your true nature of freedom, then this awareness unfolds for you.

"You are a like a Lotus flower – completely one with all the wonderful and changing happenings in the world, and yet forever remaining pure and free, clear in your knowledge of who you really are."

- Padma

How is Padma Meditation offered?

On televisionat workshops, in all the Online Meditation Courses, and in all 12  DVDs, Padma shares her decades of  meditation wisdom and invites you to join her in a daily practice of health and bliss. Padma designs original workshops, online courses and DVDs of skills suitable for both beginner and advanced students.

Padma hosts four, nationally-aired television series on meditation and yoga aired daily since 2003 on the  ONE: Body, Mind, Spirit, Love ChannelThere are in total 143 episodes of the PADMA YOGA television series.

See the Padma Meditation You Tube channel as well.

Padma Meditation offers personalized and group guidance that are designed to be directly applicable to your needs. We offer specialized programs to individuals as well as corporate executives and groups. We welcome work with athletes, executives and professional groups.

“I have been on weekend meditation retreats with Padma for the past two years, and every year, I am blown away.  My meditation practice is renewed, I’ve gained clarity and insight and I’m always glad I made the time to learn from her.”

- Tracy, Yoga Teacher.

What will you gain?

“ Freedom, Clarity and Happiness."

Through Padma Meditation you’ll find freedom, clarity, inspiration and compassionate insight. You’ll increase your inner strength and joy and decrease anxiety. You’ll tap into the joy and happiness, and be more effective.

About Padma

By practising simple, effective meditation , you naturally re-connect with your best self. Padma Meditation is designed for inner exploration, and also simply for coping with everyday stress!

You get higher energy, sharper awareness, focus and efficiency, health and peace. Studies have shown that techniques such as those employed by Padma Meditation enhance everyday wellbeing.  Meditation stabilizes your nerves and clears your cluttered mind.

Who runs Padma Meditation?

Marla Stewart, B.Sc., also known as Padma, owns and operates Padma Meditation. Padma Meditation offers high-quality, professional meditation teachings for all people, especially who are at key transitional times of life.

Explore courses for complete beginners, ready to start on this exciting journey, and for experienced practitioners ready to learn how to share their love of meditation with others.

What are our goals?

Padma Meditation is committed to health, peace and the quality of life. We offer the first secular Meditation Teacher Training Certification in Canada with the goal to increase the number of reliable and skilled meditation teachers available. This program is available online and in workshop settings.

We promote wellness, health and sustainability by educating individuals and groups to become more self and socially aware by becoming inwardly balanced. We believe that informed and balanced individuals make more ethical and enlightened choices that result in environmental and social sustainability. Padma Meditation programs are currently offered as online courses in order to best reach out to all people including disenfranchised individuals. All Padma Meditation programs are designed to encourage social and environmental responsibility.

Wherever you are in your meditation practice, you’ll find something unique and effective, from introductory, secular, fun workshops to more in-depth study of Sanskrit scriptures.

Techniques include
  • Meditation
  • Insightful Discussions
  • Concentration Skills
  • Breathing Practices
  • Study of Sanskrit philosophy texts
  • Psychology of the mind and ego
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Mantra Meditations