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Padma’s DVDs are currently available for the Modern Meditations season.

Padma Meditation is soundly-based in classical, time-tested philosophy and techniques of Vedic meditation tradition of India. Padma Meditation, PM, is secular, updated with modern language and insights, and designed to be practical and applicable in our modern lives. The skills are safe and universally applicable, and is for available to all people regardless of religion, age, nationality, gender or physical abilities.

Padma teaches across Canada and internationally to host workshops.

Email to ask about inviting Padma to host a workshop near you.

Currently all Live events are postponed until further notice.

Certified as a Padma Meditation Teacher, you join a prestigious group of people who are qualified to share fine meditation skills and philosophy. You will be included on our online registry of PM meditation teachers on the Padma Meditation site. Once you have completed the entire training, you will be recommended for teaching PM workshops near you and for assisting Padma in her workshops.

Certified MeditationTeachers practise in many varied settings today. Wellness is one of the fastest growing industries in North America. Educated ‘baby-boomers’ are spending more on health and life quality, and are interested in stress-management, personal growth and life-purpose exploration. There is increased stress in our modern environment with not enough information on how to manage stress and personal crises. Young population desires information on personal stress-management. Maturing population desires more depth of spiritual meaning and possibly less physical exertion. Businesses want less stress-leave time of employees and employees want better wellness benefits from employers.

Over the past decades medical science has extensively documented the role of stress in creating negative health impacts, and also the positive therapeutic effects of meditation. Some of the areas that Certified Meditation Teachers can practice include: corporate stress management education programs, wellness centers, government agencies, cardiovascular rehabilitation programs, cancer clinics, high schools, clinical psychologists practices, in cooperation with many types of mental health practitioners, including psychiatrists. Many have their own private meditation consulting practices, offering services to a wide array of individuals and organizations. As science continues to document the positive results of meditation, the demand for qualified meditation teachers will continue to rise.

Padma does offer live online private classes, and occasionally has availability for private sessions. Please email to inquire.

Centuries of studies and new scientific research all verify that meditation increases joy, and unfolds a state of full health and clarity. Studies have shown that meditation helps lengthen the attention span, increasing productivity and effectiveness with less wasted energy. It stimulates the youth-hormone in the brain, reducing the symptoms of aging and fatigue, stimulates the immune system to fight diseases, alleviates depression and anxiety, lowers blood pressure and helps prevent and reverse disease and chronic pain. Since stress is well known to be related to over 90% of ailments, stress-reduction will decrease both medical costs and sick-leave.


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