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Private Online Meditation Class


Connect one-to-one with Padma live online and enjoy a chance to ask her all your questions. Deepen your awareness in meditation and discover how your practice enhances and brightens your daily life.

Connect personally and get individualized guidance. Padma will guide you through a personally designed practice plus advise you on how the wisdom of meditation integrates directly with your daily life situations. You’ll receive an audio mp3 recording (private) of your talks with Padma.

Register for 4 classes and get a 10% discount with the coupon happiness
(Since we recently updated this website, if you had an Account with us before, you’ll need to create a new Account now to order.)

Cancellation Policy: Meetings can be cancelled up to 24 hours by email or text before the scheduled time for no charge. After 24 hours, appointments will be charged the full fee.


Private meditation and guidance sessions with Padma

Open to all.  Ask Padma all your questions about meditation and about how this practice and knowledge actually translates into you living a freer and happier life.
Take one private class and expand your awareness! Take a series and learn how an ongoing practice can radically free you and allow you to live in freedom.

Single 55 minute session = $150 CAD
4 class set = $540 CAD
To get this 10% discount on a set of 4 classes or more, use the coupon happiness in the Cart.
Register for a Private Class, indicate a quantity of 4 or more, and use the coupon.

On-Going Sessions include:

  • Regular 55-minute private classes online on Zoom.
  • You'll get a link to join the Zoom meetings.
  • Each class there’ll be guided meditations, discourse on a philosophical topic, mantras, and meditation skills, and discussion on your own discoveries and questions.
  • I'll also suggest reading materials and additional practices for you that will evolve over time.
  • I'll guide you through a personalized practice plus advise you on how the wisdom of meditation integrates directly with your daily life situations.
  • You’ll receive audio mp3 recordings (private) of your talks with Padma.


With any Online Course = $75 CAD

*When you Register for any Online Course, you can ADD a private live online class for just an additional $75 CAD when you also purchase one private class and use the Coupon meetpadma *Exclusive offer to registrants of Online Courses.

“Tap into the infinite sense of freedom and joy that is your true essence.” Padma

“Your meditation and yoga have given me the power to stay calm, happy and let go of worries and to feel free and pure. It is a struggle but watching and listening to you have empowered me in so many ways.” Janet W

“Excellent meditation! Thank you Padma! I feel totally relaxed and my breath feels completely clear. It feels like I’m breathing in menthol. What a fantastic sensation. Perfect.”- TV Viewer

“Thank you Padma for sharing you graceful yoga poses and wisdom – helping to awaken people and making the world a better place. I can’t think of a better way to start the day! Namaste.” – Stephen


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