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Finding Freedom Course


A rich 6-week immersion in a broad range of powerful meditation skills and philosophies. Follow a clear guided path towards discovering the freedom that is within you.


Take this unique and original, six-week online Padma Meditation course and find your freedom!

Padma Meditation brings you a clear and accessible meditation course. Filmed professionally in Canada, and in the Himalayas of India by You’ll learn to find your own freedom – relief from your mind’s troubles.

Padma offers this powerful course to guide you towards self discovery. Each week will focus on a unique meditation skill and philosophy.

Awaken your intuitive awareness, become more compassionate, and feel more joyful, peaceful, and relaxed.

Follow specially designed meditation practices, learn powerful, insightful philosophy, and be expertly guided.
Every week you’ll receive a:

  • VIDEO – 40 minutes (on Vimeo) including:
    • Introduction Talk (approx. 5 minutes)
    • Philosophy Talk of the week (approx. 15 minutes)
    • Sanskrit Word of the Week (approx. 5 minutes)
    • Meditation Class (approx. 15 minutes)
  • AUDIO – 20 minute Audio mp3 of a Guided Meditation for daily practice during the week. This is downloadable for you to listen to on your computer or phone or as you like.
  • MANUAL – 6 page Manual with the contents of the week’s topics, including:
    • Writings
    • A list of activities to do this week
    • Additional notes on the topics
  • plus MP3 DOWNLOADS – 2 Chants sung by Padma in Sanskrit

Total Videos = 4 hours

Total Audio Guided Meditation = 2 hours

Total Manuals = 6 (37 pages total)

Padma Meditation expands your awareness of the free being that you already are.

Throughout the six weeks, Padma guides you step-by-step. The self-study reveals our “inner mind maps,” while experiential meditations and skills help you to find your great potential. She encourages you to watch the videos several times each week, and to practise the audio guided meditations at least once a day.

Doing these practices, you’ll discover for yourself how effective these skills are in bringing you towards real freedom. When you realize the wonderful results of daily practice, you’ll be inspired to continue on your own, towards more strength, beauty and freedom.

This FINDING FREEDOM course guides you to a fresh way of being your self. You’ll gain confidence to live in health and happiness, and be active and free in whatever you choose to do.

After finishing all six weeks, you’ll have a solid, foundational practice of meditation with the knowledge of how to stay free:

Main Goal of this six-week course is for you to discover real and lasting freedom and happiness
Main Message of this course is that you are already essentially free, and that you can rediscover this truth in yourself
Main Practice of this course is cultivating stillness with watchfulness, along with the study of, and freedom from, the mind’s functions that cover your joy and freedom.


Each week you’ll watch the Video (apx. 40 minutes), listen to the Audio, and read the Manual.
In the week’s guided daily meditation audio mp3 recording, a bell rings at the start, and again at the 20-minute mark, indicating the end of the meditation. You can choose to meditate longer if you like, and you can also repeat this meditation several times each day.
There will also be suggestions of optional assignment such as journal writing, writing, and other activities that can help you integrate these teachings into your daily life.
The time commitment is 4 hours a week.


We’re very interested to hear about your experiences during this course, and look forward to hearing your feedback.
The next course in the series is Relax into Meditation, which continues on from Finding Freedom and focuses on using Breath and Mantra in powerfully relaxing and deepening practices. Find out how this deep well of power within can empower you in your daily actions and creativity!

We sincerely hope you love this course, and find freedom and joy! Thank you very much!

Founder, Padma Meditation

This course is a comprehensive program, a full spectrum of excellent meditation skills and philosophy.
The curriculum includes all three steps of classical meditation practice:

1. Balance Energy
2. Self-Study
3. Meditation

Week 1. Pausing for Freedom
Balance your energy and establish a meditation seat.

What is Freedom?
Sanskrit Word: “Yogash Chitt Vritti Nirodh” – Freedom

Set Up Your Home Practice
Perceive Your Senses: A Mindful Awareness Meditation (A Senses Scan)

Week 2. Finding Balance

Three Dynamic Powers
Sanskrit Word: “Santosh” – Contentment

Find Balance
Cultivate Stability: Energy Balancing Meditations (Three Breath Skills)

Week 3. Discerning Thoughts
SELF-STUDY for understanding how the mind creates suffering.

Five Waves of Mind
Sanskrit word: “Dhaarnaa” – Concentration & Focus

See Past the Waves
Still Your Mind: A Concentration Meditation (Candle Gazing)

Week 4. Recognizing Obstacles

A Map of Ego
Five Faces of Ego
Sanskrit word: “Vairagya” – Detachment from suffering

Allow Change
Let Go of Attachments: An Inner Inquiry Meditation (Thought Reversals)

Week 5. Accessing Freedom
DIRECT EXPERIENCE of experiencing freedom

Old Obstacles
Sanskrit word: “Karuna” – Compassion

Go Towards Happiness
Know You’re Free: A Healing Meditation (Mantra Chanting)

Week 6. Always Free

Three Steps to Freedom
Sanskrit word: “Samaadhi” – Freedom awareness

Enjoy Freedom
Pure and Free: A Deep Relaxation Meditation (Trusting in Your Self)

*There will also be quick pop quiz at the end of each manual! (just for fun!)

Take this unique and original, six-week online Padma Meditation course and find your freedom!

Padma Meditation combines the oldest and most effective types of meditation ever developed with current, real-life experience of how this can effectively apply to your life. The result is a powerful approach to finding freedom, unlike any other program ever designed. For six weeks, you’ll join Padma for simple and transformative studies and practices. In designing this course, we’ve specifically selected the most effective skills and the most exact philosophy points that work to unfold self-confidence, trust and freedom. All together they build a powerful and unique program.

Each week builds upon the talks and skills of the previous weeks, evolving your understanding and experience. The daily, guided meditations build together to create one extended, guided meditation practice. In this program, you’ll explore six topics and and practise six kinds of meditation skills:

WEEK 1: Pausing for Freedom; A Mindful Senses Scan
WEEK 2: Finding Balance; Breath Meditations
WEEK 3: Discerning Thoughts; Focus on a Flame
WEEK 4: Recognizing Obstacles; Inner Inquiry
WEEK 5: Accessing Freedom; Compassion Mantra
WEEK 6: Always Free; Deep Relaxation

You’ll discover Padma’s original “Map of the Mind” to help you navigate life challenges and be happier!

Each week for six weeks you’ll receive a:

VIDEO LECTURE – A review of the previous week and an Introduction to the current week (5 mins)
VIDEO LECTURE – A Philosophy Talk of the week (15 mins)
VIDEO LECTURE – A Meditation Class with a description of meditation practices and a guided meditation (your password is valid for up to three months so you can watch videos as often as you like) (20 mins)
AUDIO – A Guided Daily Home Meditation practice to follow every day (offered in mp3 for you to download and listen to every day) (20 mins)
MANUAL – weekly writings by Padma made just for this course (6 pages a week)

Find Inner Peace Through “Finding Freedom”

What life skills will you develop?

– A meditation discipline
– Intentional breathing and intentional speaking
– Manage and balance emotional energy during transitional or stressful times and better avoid anxiety and depression
– Change mental thought patterns from negative (unhealthy) to positive (healthy)
– Moment-to-moment watchfulness of the mind and emotions, and know how to pause instead of reacting to – situations or thoughts in a habitual or unconscious way
– A deep sense of confidence, peace and freedom
– Integrate all these skills into fully engaged daily living

What meditation skills will you develop?

– Set up your home practice
– Mindful awareness
– A senses scan
– Energy balancing
– Three breath meditations
– Candle gazing
– After meditation skill of palming
– Letting go of ego obstacles
– Change negative thoughts to positive ones
– A healing meditation
– Chanting mantra
– Full body deep relaxation
– Trust in your self

What meditation philosophy will you explore?

– What is freedom?
– Three steps to freedom
– Three dynamic powers
– Five waves of mind
– Five faces of ego
– Past obstacles
– Sanskrit terms from original meditation texts

Further Information, Curriculum and FAQs

Meditation skills concentrate and purify the mind’s attention. Since the attention naturally tends to be scattered and unstable, mental focus, concentration and purification techniques help you to better manage and become the master of your own mind, rather than the victim of it.

– You develop a sense of confidence, self-trust, contentment and joy, stability, peace, clarity and strength
– You have a broadened awareness and clearer perspective, and this will overflow into all your personal and work relationships and to all the people connected to you
– You meditate to spend time in awareness of the source of creativity and the nature of the body, energy, breath, senses, emotions, mind and spirit
– Meditation increases joy and unfolds a state of mental health that alleviates stress, self-doubt, worry, depression and anger. Meditation enhances inner strength and develops calm focus. It builds self-confidence, inspires creativity and strengthens leadership.
– Studies have shown that meditation helps to focus and lengthen the mind’s attention span
Meditation also stimulates the youth-hormone in the pituitary gland, reducing the symptoms of aging and fatigue, and stimulates the immune system to fight against diseases. Meditation lowers blood pressure and has been shown to help prevent and reverse disease and chronic pain as well as stress, related to over 90% of ailments.

Unhappiness, suffering and the lack of freedom come from the mind, and so it is very powerful to understand how the mind functions to create and maintain this suffering. With this knowledge, you’re able to get free from suffering. With study and meditation, we can utilize the mind and intellect to alleviate the suffering created in the mind itself!

Padma Meditation is a unique school of meditation, an update of time-proven, classical eastern wisdom. The teachings are simple, lucid and secular. Padma has designed this course from her 30 years of direct tutelage with a master of meditation in the Himalayas of western India, and it is rich with deep philosophical studies. She has imbued the course with her years of personal application, research and practice. Padma has been teaching meditation courses, workshops and her Teacher Training programs since 1999.

Padma’s programs are designed for people who have become aware that they do not want their life to be filled with suffering. People who are intelligent, educated and have enough resources to have the time and interest to find out how to live in joy and freedom.

Padma has studied for three decades with a master teacher of “Royal Meditation” in the Himalayas of India. This lineage of meditation is based in the Advait Vedaant and Raj Yog, Royal Yoga schools of Indian philosophy, and comprises a broad range of complementing practices:

– Eastern philosophy
– Mind-management, eastern psychology
– Subtle life-force energy refinement, including sound vibrations
– Directing the attention towards freedom
– Meditation on pure freedom

In this Padma Meditation course FINDING FREEDOM Padma has also drawn from the text “Patanjali Yog Darshan”, a Sanskrit text of classical Raj Yoga Meditation that analyses the functioning of the mind. The book, rigorously tested by inquirers for over 3000 years!, describes how to practice meditation to become truly free.

This course is designed for you if you’re interested in freedom and fulfillment. You might have taken classes in Hatha Yoga, possibly have followed the Padma Yoga television series, or have read some self-help books. Your previous experience might include some meditation retreats or classes in mindfulness. Your motivation for participating is your own fulfillment, happiness and peace in life, as well as developing more inner strength and calm.

You want to become free and peaceful. You’ll also need to register on the website store. You’ll need to have an internet connection to watch the videos and download the audios, an email address to receive the weekly materials and internet for the group online connection.

You should take this program because at the end of the course, you’ll be happier, more content and emotionally stronger. This meditation training includes the skills and knowledge to become free, calm, de-stressed and clear-minded. This unique course is a high-quality meditation training, developed and taught by a renowned and experienced meditation master.

Each week you’ll receive an email with links to the recorded materials, plus a PDF manual with the written topics in it. You’ll watch videos and read essays on the topics. You’ll spend some time each day listening to mp3 audio guided meditation.

Your availability should be two hours a week to participate. The course is flexible in so far as what times of the week you can follow the content and do the reading. The scheduled group online class with Padma will be scheduled during the course.

You will work independently on the course work, plus join one group online class. You’ll also have the possibility of registering for one-to-one, online sessions with Padma. You’ll listen to audios and watch videos for about 60 minutes once a week, and also will be asked to meditate for at least 20 minutes every day for six weeks. There will also be optional activities and reading materials to enhance your studies, plus songs on her 2 CDs.

Participants can connect with Padma via email, online or by phone at scheduled times. The entire program consists of six, weekly emails containing links to:

– 40 minutes of Video Recordings per week
– 20 minute Audio Guided Meditations per week
– Six Manuals (apx. 6 pages per week)
– Weekly Activity Suggestions
– Extra Selected Resources
– Plus a live, online group meeting with Padma (apx 40 mins)

This program aims to introduce you to a solid foundation of time-tested practices of meditation that you can use for the rest of your life:

– You’ll know that you can be free from the troubles of the mind and emotions and live in peace and happiness
– You’ll learn from informational, interactive and experiential sessions the importance of a holistic mind-body approach to personal wellness
– You’ll develop an awareness and the necessary practices to sustain long-term health and wellness
– You’ll learn that to pause and watch your mind’s activities can help you to become more of a master of your own mind, emotions and general health
– You’ll acquire knowledge and a practical map of the mind and ego and be able to understand how these function in everyday life
– You’ll understand how to create a positive and effective personal space and free up your mind in order to expand creativity and enhance problem-solving ability
– You’ll nurture and lead from a centered, balanced, alert and strong place within yourself, thereby bringing calmness, creativity and innovation to your life


– You’ll learn that you are not ever the victim of your mind’s thoughts or emotions, and that you can become free from negative or unhealthy personal patterns
– You’ll feel empowered with the possibility that you can establish real, lasting happiness and enjoy healthy emotions
– You’ll change any concept that meditation is for only for those who are out of society, and understand that it is a useful, powerful practice and study for any high-functioning and fully-engaged member of society


– You’ll learn to maintain an easy daily practice that will naturally continue to deliver great benefits
– You’ll have better health practices
– You’ll know when it is time throughout the day to stop and meditate
– You’ll address every daily event and situation as an opportunity for becoming freer
– You’ll feel confident and empowered by pausing, and by knowing how to change bad habits
– You’ll re-address the reasons why you make everyday decisions and choices, re-framing these from a place of personal freedom and power instead of from fear and need

If you continue and take all 4 Padma Meditation online courses, plus attend her workshop, you can become certified as a Level 1 Padma Meditation Teacher. When certified, you can guide individuals or groups in the basics of Padma Meditation. Please email Padma for more details about this. Credits from this course can accumulate towards your completing the Padma Meditation Teacher Level 1 certification program. Email for information.


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