Some Words From Students

Thank you to all my students, fans and friends. Thank you to every beautiful and wonderful person who has written to me in all these many years!
With my love and gratitude, Padma

“Padma reminds me I am the infinite sky. I love her workshops!” Sarah MacLachlan, Singer

“My class with Padma was a great wake-up call for my yoga and meditation.” Uma Thurman, Actor

“I love my meditations with Padma. In interviews after these classes I speak with more clarity, surety and self-awareness.” Freida Pinto, Actor

“FABULOUS! GORGEOUS! I love it, I’ve never been so engaged. Everything is so clear.  Thank you so much for your wisdom from the ages.” Leslie Pinder, Author

“Just to be in Padma’s presence is to feel her radiance and resiliency, never mind her vast knowledge of the yoga sutras and understanding of the Sanskrit language. Padma inspires us to live life fully. There is no other person on this globe better to learn from than Padma. She is the real deal. So rare to have a teacher who is from the West and understands our minds and yet have been steeped in the wisdom of Yoga, lived in India and been a long-time close student of a true meditation sage there. Please do consider this opportunity to study with someone you can trust and will learn, love and laugh with.” Kate Potter, Namaste Yoga TV Series Creator

“Padma is a gifted teacher who breathes life and relevance into the ancient teachings of yogic philosophy and meditation. She answers questions with grace and ease, sharing her keen intellect and wealth of meditation experience. Padma has taught me foundational meditation techniques, but more importantly she has imparted a spirit of freedom into my practice. I leave her classes with renewed clarity, brightness and ease of mind.” Patrick Warren, Architect, Vancouver

“Padma deftly explores the full spectrum of yoga with knowledge and a contagious enthusiasm. She is an articulate teacher who speaks from her formidable depth of experience with humour and compassion. As empowering as they are inspiring, Padma’s classes always leave me energized and centered. Participants come away from her courses with a variety of tools which not only deepen their practice, but enrich every aspect of their lives.” Michael Whitfield, YYoga Director, Vancouver

“Padma never fails to speak with confident practicality, and still remains able to soothe the soul with a gentle touch of enlightenment. I highly recommend watching her program .” Readers Digest Magazine

“I’m looking forward to Padma Yoga every morning at 6:30 a.m. before I go to work and I believe it has made a difference in my life. I’ve done a form of yoga for over 30 years but I find that a smaller amount every day works better than a couple of classes a week. Thanks.” Barbara Lamoureux, Kingsland Centre, Calgary Board of Education

“Your show is so different from other yoga show and I think not only you offer wonderful yoga program, but I think your show is based on principle and universal truth. Your show also teaches not only how to be a healthy person but also how to be a better person. That why I love your show very much!”-Sunny Chung, MBA, Manager, HR andTraining, UBC, Financial Services

“It was such a delight to return to a pool of clarity and beautiful calm for a couple of days. It was so amazing to have the opportunity to spend the day with you learning about meditation. It was enlightening and enjoyable.” N.Hobbs MD, Queens Medical College

“Watching your show, I began to eat right, exercise, lose weight and felt so good about myself. My friends and family and husband noticed the difference in my attitude towards life’s joys and also struggles. You’re an inspiration to us all!!” F. Lara

“Your show is the BEST yoga show ever!” Chris 

“It’s necessary to study with a good teacher to gain maximum results. I’ve been studying for several years on my own, but I’m always amazed at how studying with Padma feels 10 to 20 times as powerful as studying on my own.” Wendy, Accountant

“I have been on weekend retreats with Padma for the past two years, and every year, I am blown away. My practice is renewed, I’ve gained clarity and insight and I’m always glad I made the time to learn from her.” Tracy, Yoga Studio Owner

“Your yoga classes have helped me get through the past 18 months living in a pandemic, and also adjusting from a very high pressure job to retirement. A sincere and heartfelt thank you , for helping , and continuing to help me through this huge adjustment in my life.” Jacqui

I have just finished the Be Free online course and have enjoyed it so much. This course has helped me to deepen and expand my meditation experience. It has allowed me to experience the awareness that I have been searching for during my many years of meditating. Thank you for developing this program and presenting it to us. Glenda, Meditation Student

“Practising your meditation skills, I have immediately noticed profound changes in myself that are wonderful.”

“I value the effects of the benefits of yoga and meditation. It helps me with dealing with a chronic neurological illness & it has made it go into remission.”

“The variation of activities kept things fresh & gave time to absorb what was learned.”

“The conscious living theme really emphasized for me that I am on the right path. I am learning how a positive feeling can be felt as a type of meditation. I.e. Gratitude, love, peace.” E.G. Ontario

“The chanting vibrated through our bodies in perfect harmony and maybe this is a way of confirming that with positive thinking and of loving good thoughts we can make a difference soul by soul” J.SW Ontario

“Padma is “the real thing”. She has a lovely energy and way of being with the students.”

“Padma is a competent and engaging instructor. She is an amazing and inspirational teacher.

“An inspirational weekend!!”

“The conscious living theme really emphasized for me that I am on the right path. I am learning how a positive feeling can be felt as a type of meditation. I.e. Gratitude, love, peace.” E.G. Ontario

“It was such a pleasure to meet Padma in person, to realize how down to earth and very humane she is. Learning about the deeper aspects of how yoga is a gateway to conscious living was the beginning of path I really want to travel.” R.M. Ontario

“This week with Padma was for me a pure delight of peace, friendship, meditation and yoga. I was inspired by the mediation, the capacity of going inside yourself .”

“The workshops increased my understanding and awareness of my personal practice and allowed me to go to a deeper place within myself.”

“I liked the idea that you can and should pause. You can be the observer of your thought and mental functions rather than being those functions.” S.M. Ontario

“Padma offers great depth and richness AND is still very accessible.”

“Padma has a wealth of knowledge to share. We can learn about freedom from suffering.”

“Padma is a competent and engaging instructor. She is an amazing and inspirational teacher.”

“I am a Paramedic in Ontario and the stress of my job is often physically and emotionally difficult. I discovered your program one morning after a long night shift. Your explanation of the moves and their benefits gave me a deeper understanding of yoga as well our need for meditation. Since I have began to follow a more structured life that includes yoga, meditation and a better diet I have become much calmer and positive in my everyday life and relationships. I also experience less back pain and joint/muscle pain. I can honestly say my change is being recognized by friends, family and employer. I understand the work and energy that is involved in producing a program and I truly appreciate the time and thought you offer to help people understand life in a new prospective without losing the interest of your audience. I am so pleased to know you have DVD’s available soon and I am looking forward to attending your retreat/workshop in Toronto this September.” Shelley B

“I continue to find your CBC Radio pieces worthwhile and hope this means of reaching the public will expand.”

“Recovering from a double-lung transplant, I find that your restorative yoga and other forms of yoga have helped immensely. Your way about you and your guidance through the movements is very calming and makes me feel quite secure. My doctors are also quite happy I am doing this… Thank you for helping me heal….My two new lungs thank you also!” Melody P/Montreal

“Thank you, Padma, for introducing me to yoga for the first time many years ago on TV on “Living Yoga”. I fell in love immediately with yoga and now try to do either your “Mountain” or “Ocean” DVDs at home once a week and I’m learning to meditate, too. I consider you my guru and find your voice playing in our home soothes and calms everyone. Thank you for your beautiful gentle spirit and for your expertise and guidance as a yogi and for helping me to find an oasis of peace through yoga in a busy stressful life.” Nancy L

“Thank you for bringing your dedicated practice and studentship from the Himalayas to our hearts.” Dillon

“Padma yoga is the only yoga show that I watch, I subscribe to the channel
One, only for this reason, so I wanted to thank you once again for giving
us this wonderful chance of feeling better.” Estelle C, Montréal, Québec

“Fantastic! This woman knows Yoga and it shows.” TV Viewer

“I just wanted to say I used your Freedom From Flight Anxiety meditation on a recent flight and it helped me so much, I actually enjoyed the flight! I’ve recently developed fear during take-off and the meditation was so effective, we were well airbound before I even noticed!” Gabrielle K

“We think your new series which we catch in Sydenham, is one of the BEST. It is a great blend of the various branches of yoga and a greta way to start the day.” Hazel H, Ontario

“I think your new series of programs has a wonderful ‘well-formedness’ that belies a great deal of thought that has gone into them. The programs exemplify a multi-layered approach to yoga which you have always emphasized in your workshops. There is a physical approach to the workings of the body [movement, breath, balance etc.]; your developing interest in Sanskrit which I find fascinating as it describes body-states and mind-states which we really don’t have equivalent words for in Western languages; and finally the linkage between the particular ‘word for the day’ as it returns and amplifies the particular yoga positions that you have just described . In medicine, there is a shameful lack of attention to what is normal activity for healthy humans. For example, why do we never ask patients what do they enjoy, gain pleasure or a sense of utility from? What is their sense of completeness, beauty, wellness, wholeness?” Niel Hobbs, Queens University

“It feels as though I am in the studio with you. You have become an inspiring friend over the years. Thank you! Absolutely love the show. I do not experience the aches and pain in my hips anymore that I did about 10 years ago. I just realized today during meditation the absence of pain and discomfort. Its wonderful. I can’t even tell you when it disappeared but it did. Yoga just makes me feel good and happier.” Lin W, Saskatoon

” I was so happy to see Padma back. Hands down, the best yoga show on television. Padma, your gentle and friendly rapport coupled with your great yoga expertise make this a pleasure to participate with.Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Maria V, Calgary, AB

“I have a chance to hide away and follow your lovely class. I been in Yoga for over 30 Years, I’m getting a lot of strengths and happiness back by doing Yoga with you and your ladies.” R. Kusiak

“As always Padma is so approachable and willing to answer questions. Lots of helpful content, easy to understand.”

“The chanting Sanskrit at the end was a beautiful ending for the day, it was such a welcoming environment, there was a positive energy.” Nichole

“Fantastic workshop, I learned a lot and loved Padma energy – very calm and peaceful Thanks so much.” Anne Marie

“THAT WAS GREAT! Liked all the opportunity for discussion, liked the opportunity to ask question, it was nice to have movement interspersed with learning, Thank you. Very nice to be here with all like minded people. To be here and will be always a great memory. Thank you you are beautiful.” Paul C, Williams Lake

“I felt amazing on Monday – centered, balanced, clear and so focused. I just loved the whole weekend. Meeting the other folks, and spending quiet, focused and simple time in such an idyllic space was heavenly. I’d do it again in the fall in a heartbeat! You have a depth and richness and centered there. It was so good to feel that from your presence. You are truly amazing.” Danae, Vancouver

“I would just like to say how much I enjoy yoga and meditation practices, and have never found a video, tv program or person who has instructed like padma, who is so gifted and wonderful…thank you!” Chrissie M

“Helping me to move forward from just the physical yoga.”

“What an amazing day!! I particularly enjoyed the part about “ego” ad inner thoughts, how to look at them and decide if they are something that needs to be carried. I hope to bring the practice of meditation into my daily routine.

“You are a fabulous teacher and a great inspiration! Thank you for sharing your gift!” Margo J

“Although there are now many different yoga programs on tv, yours is my favorite. Please continue to share your knowledge and practice with us! I particularly like how you introduce the poses with warm-ups, your explanations and talks about the philosophy of yoga and the Sanskrit words, the meditations, breathing and mudras. I am enjoying the Modern Meditations series and like the applications to everyday situations. Thank you also for showing the use of a wall to many of the poses.” Elsa Sotelo, Ottawa, Ontario

“Padma, you seem to be always speaking directly to me. I think you are the best ..which is why I would like to purchase your DVD’s.” Randie B

“I really like the simplicity of the set, the easy to follow instructions, and the feeling of tranquility that follows after viewing the content. I wish you well as the season progresses, keep on teaching, it is truly your calling! – Cheryl

“To all the ones that have chosen the Padma Yoga series, every day (and it’s been many months now!) I have the chance to practice with Padma Yoga. These 28 minutes, or so, are giving me a new definition of feeling well. I suffer with a severe case of fibromyalgia and this program not only bring asanas that are accessible but the addition of spirituality is a balm.” TV Viewer

“You lead with a lightness and sureness and joy of inquiry.”

“I am leaving the weekend with a calmer mind an body, ready to embark with a great sense of peace.”

“I love your meditative yoga and the immediate application to life.”

“The weekend was marked by grace and the gentle unfolding of spirit.

“My consciousness was shepherded so sweetly and competently by a Master teacher. Thank you, Padma”

“It is a privilege to study with Padma. She is uplifting and inspirational and offers practical techniques and skills to manage obstacles that prevent us from achieving freedom and awareness.”

“I like investigating with my intellect what is not usually a subject. I am finding out that consciousness can be understood by the intellect.”

“For the first time I felt like I was presented with a vocabulary to talk about and dissect the problems of the mind, as well as an idea of an anatomy of consciousness. It makes me feel encouraged that I can go more deeply into my practice.”

“In an accessible and practical way, Padma opened the door to understanding how to integrate the benefits of meditation into my everyday life.”

“It was a beautiful addition to my practice with a fresh approach to meditation, breath, and movement. I hope your TV series arrives in the US so we can all enjoy your wisdom.”

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop. You have given me gems of wisdom that I will carry with me for a lifetime.”

“Your words empower me and I look forward to continuing my education with you. In humility and gratitude.” Bindu 2011

“Loved this! The first time I’ve been able to actually clear my mind in meditation! Will be doing this one daily :-)” BM

“I love your shows. I love listening to your stories and all the adventures and wisdom you have experienced. Thanks.” Sharon

“Excellent meditation! Thank you Padma! I feel totally relaxed and my breath feels completely clear. It feels like I’m breathing in menthol. What a fantastic sensation. Perfect* X”

“I really enjoy the Padma series, there is a calm, serene spirituality that I am drawn to. Thank you for your time and positive energy that you send to me.” Melody Walsh

“We are both in our 60’s and have arthritis and your slower paced, kinder, gentler paced workouts worked miracles for our flexibility.” Vicki

“THANK YOU Padma for your wonderful show. !! I live in B.C. and your show “Padma Yoga Blissful Living” on the channel “ONE –body Mind Spirit” IS PERFECT FOR ME. I also love your very personal stories to match the word for the day. Thanks again. Great Blessings to you.”

“Your show is special and different as you go beyond the body aspect, teach Sanskrit illustrating it by words of wisdom, but not only. … It has special energy, unexplainable beautiful. I am sure it would show in beautiful colors if I could see energy in colors (may be I will one day). After a practice I feel like all my cells are rearranged in beautiful patterns, my body and mind is light and happy, probably the right word is delighted.” Jann

“Benefits of it are noticeable. I started connecting to my body, observing my emotions and thinking. Now instead of coffee or tea break when tiered, bored, overwhelmed, confused… and so on I take meditation break, sometimes as little as few minutes using Sanskrit words I’ve learned.”

“The meditation itself is what awakened my interest to yoga. I was trying to follow some ‘meditation’ programs but had difficulties. Spirit was just a word I did not know how to relate to and many people do not (I am very sure) and use it as a verbal embellished.”

“I was in search of meditation help – here they are, your series. I am finding out that many new ‘ideas’ and teaching out there are nothing but ‘yoga’ in ‘translation’ (may be ‘lost in translation’ :)). To me it looks as all is in ‘yoga’ now.”

“I do see now and feel with my senses that my body is a HOME for my SPIRIT(which is me not just a word), and emotions may be a language of the spirit as I see it subjectively, and I watch that my ‘language’ and love my body, care to serve my long and watch it to be healthy vs. just staying in shape because being out of shape is not ‘beautiful’.”

“I greatly appreciate and have got answers I wanted to here for now and am writing just to say THANK YOU.”

“Why do we never ask patients what do they enjoy, gain pleasure or a sense of utility from? What is their sense of completeness, beauty, wellness, wholeness?” Niel Hobbs, Queens University

“Please keep up your wonderful work, channeling the enlightening to us … to the world, Love”, Genia

“I have been practicing classes with Padma for a few years, courtesy of ONE network (I live in a rural community), and have found Padma’s classes to have a wonderful balance of movement, meditation, knowledge, and spirituality.”

“I want to thank her for her dedication to helping others live a life of health and balance. I continue to be a student, open to whatever the universe brings to me.” Janet McGeachy, MSW

“I just finished your mediation for flight anxiety video. I found this to be extremely helpful.” Sarah

“I have having a hard time with anxiety attacks…I live out in the country in Quebec and am very pleased to be able to get your program on ONE. It’s nice to have someone lead you through a session. I appreciate your speed and clear instructions and explanations. Namasté.” Patricia Stewart

“I’ve got a shelf full of Yoga DVDs and VHS tapes. When I found yours, (just thinking about it inspires me to take a deep breath), I thought, finally. Thank you and please don’t stop sharing your expertise. The world needs you! Sincerely” Debbie

“The trip to India was truly an amazing experience that I will always remember. Thank you again so very much for everything.”-CathyC

“Just a comment to congratulate Padma on her excellent show Padma Modern Meditation. She is so informative and it’s good blend of postures and meditation. Keep up the great work. I also love that there is a theme to every show.” Gina

“I’m a new viewer from the east coast and I wanted to express by thanks for your wonderful Padma Yoga television series on channel One. I am following you faithfully and enjoying it very much” Joanne

“You are “great” (and she repeated this at least 4 times during the phone call!). She said she loves the way your show is “gentle but with a real strength to it”, that it is not just another “power yoga” show. She loves the fact that you go back to India and that this comes through on your shows – you are “true to the source”, “authentic” and keeping close to your “roots”. She now considers you her new “teacher””- a 58 year-old yoga teacher herself, specializing in teaching adaptive poses for people with injuries or complications.”

“I received my package of cd’s with thanks. Tell Padma that I still watch her show daily most days. I find all her shows interesting, informative and inspirational. I am working on my shoulders with good results! I told my daughter about the show and she said, “you have found your new teacher.” I did not expect to find a new teacher in this way but I am loving the yoga and meditation and am able to incorporate some of this gentle yoga into my gentle classes which I teach at a Wellness Centre. I wish you were closer but please keep me informed of upcoming trips, etc or if Padma will be anywhere closer. I want to tell you how grateful I am to have access to this knowledge at this time in my life as I have really connected to Padma’s gentle spirit. Namaste, “ Dianna

“Came across your Ocean dvd and love it – it’s like a mini-retreat each day.” Jane

“Beautiful flow, well paced and sequenced. Loved the relaxation and breathing meditation at the end. Especially enjoyed Padma’s beautiful voice and chanting. Well done.” MYO customer

“Hello O Radiant One! I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do! I truly am grateful to have you as a teacher. Tonight’s class, you took me from near sleep, into total joy and love. The last 2 sutras combo just did it for me.” Anthony C

”Three years ago I began following your TV program. I couldn’t even touch my toes, and though I have chronic exhaustion, could barely sit through the commercials, which I mute. Now I am quite flexible, and sit peacefully (well, fairly!) during the breaks. Your program has been a blessing to me, and I’m sure countless others. Losing my health, my energy, and my ability to read and draw was overwhelming. I never tire of your words of wisdom given on each show. You have brought a lot of peace, health, and inspiration to my life -Thank you so much.” Janine H

“I’m writing to thank you for the great help I’ve got from you through “Living Yoga” and your DVDs.
Last year I was whacked by at least three different physical problems that left me exhausted, depressed and in pain. At one point I couldn’t comfortably sit, stand, or lie down. While checking out medical help I also stumbled on your TV show on the ONE channel. It was exactly what I needed — both a gentle introduction to yoga and physically challenging at the same time. And of course the meditation helped me deal with the anxiety. I’ve been bouncing back since January and Living Yoga has been a big part of it. Right from the beginning I could do most of the hatha yoga and the confidence this bred was greatly encouraging.” Steve M. B, ON

“Just wanted to express my deep gratitude for your teachings and presence over the past few weeks. These past Tuesday evenings have really helped me to develop a deep connection with the practice of meditation. Although I have been practicing meditation for a couple of years now, I have always felt a separation between me and my practice. My practice has always been something that I have “done” rather than something that I “am”. Over the last few weeks I have begun to deeply engage with my meditation practice to the point that it feels that everything I do is meditation to some degree or other. It’s really a beautiful and life changing experience. I hope I can take some more classes with you sometime before I drop out to India. Thanks again Hari Om.” Chris

“I recently was in Lillian’s Sanskrit workshop with you. I very much enjoyed your teaching. And I am thrilled to say, after procrastinating for 8 years, I have been sitting for meditation almost every night since I saw you and am already feeling the benefits. I have been teaching yoga for almost 8 years now and have always struggled with my own meditation to slow down enough to sit. Now after your talk and guidance, I understand the simplicity of the practice and thank you, I now feel a deep sense of understanding and I am not PROCRASTINATING anymore. My deepest thanks.” Kim C

” I love the Ocean…my children (in particular my soon to be 3 year old twins) love to hear and chant your chants! Your program has been an inspiration to my life and I have been actively practicing for 1 year now. Words cannot express my gratitude for what you have shared as I feel this transformation taking part and positively affecting how I relate with myself, others and the world. I now share my growth with those who ask and have spread the word on your program and what it has done for me. I can’t count the number of times I have said ohhh I practice yoga and it is Living Yoga with Padma on the One Network that has resonated with me!” Angela F

“I have recently begun watching your show in response to the cold weather here in Winnipeg. I have been thrilled with your show and watch it every morning, whether I participate or not (I usually do but sometimes time is a factor). I love to hear your closing chant and wait for it to help me get through the day. I am a YogaKids teacher and I get ideas from your show and teach them to the kids. I am going to try humming breath this week. Thank you for a wonderful show!” Cathy S

“The great thing about your show compared to other yoga stuff that i encountered is that you offer a connection to modern life.this must be harder than it looks..comparing something that is thousands of years old to a culture based on mcdonalds’s instantaneous gratification and whats in for me is paramount to me buying in to the yoga thing.Keep up the good work.” Brian

“Dear Padma,
I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your living yoga TV
As an overweight, child abused survivor. I must say this is the first
time in about 20 years I am able to find a calm, and quiet place in my head and heart. I am loving the peace that I am feeling. I never thought that a yoga program could help so much thanks.
PS I’ve been taking your yoga class for 2 months and have lost one dress size, and I feel great about your class and never have to push myself to show up for your class. Thanks again.” Lesley

“I’ve been doing yoga with your show every morning for a month or more. I
wanted to share with you how grateful I am to have the opportunity to learn
with you. It has given ease and comfort to me at a time when I have most
needed it.
“ With deep gratitude, Kate W

“My name is Lauralee, and I just recently started watching your yoga T.V. show. I’ve tried following other yoga shows, and video’s, but with no luck.

I loved your show! It was so easy to follow, and I felt so relaxed afterwards. I took so much away from it, and I’ve even tried the “mantra”. Whenever I find my mind to be filling up with negative thoughts, I think of the mantra. I have to tell you it works wonders. It’s a great thing for the office as well ?
So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you for being such a great inspiration in my life.
Yours truly”, Lauralee H, Gatineau, Quebec

“Dear Padma,

I was just thrilled to discover 3-4 months ago that you have a Yoga show in
the mornings. I gave birth to my first child 12 weeks ago and could not get
to a yoga class with a small infant. During those late night and early morning feedings I discovered Living Yoga at 5:30 a.m. here in Calgary. It was perfect because a half hour was just enough time to sneak in a practice while my baby slept on the floor beside me – and I could modify what your poses when needed (C-section). I would do yoga with you if I was up at 5:30 or tape it for another time during the day. Now that he sleeps longer at one time I can do Yoga with you more often – but now I wish A channel would let you do an hour!

I was even more thrilled to discover your style of yoga is one that I really miss here in Calgary. Thank you for running Living Yoga. I so appreciate practicing with you in my home! Also, I very much like the little talks you give before and after. I am learning a lot!
Janine M, Calgary, Alberta

“I only recently found your program on a Toronto station. I had been searching for just such a program for years (since Karen Zebroff’s show went off the air). Your show is just what I was looking for! You have a wonderful way of teaching. Thank you so much.” Sandra C

“Thank you deeply for your wonderful show ~ you have brought new life to my personal yoga regime ~ a new “freedom” to my breath, as you taught in a current show.
Your style and simplicity in the routines is comforting and since suffering a bad spinal injury in December, I have not been able to do my yoga again until recently ~ when I discovered your show, it gave me new hope that I would be able to someday again do the yoga I did before my injury, and although I’m far from being as limber as I once was, your teaching method gives me the confidence to once again reap the wonderful rewards of yoga, not to mention the overall healthier feeling, spiritually, mentally and physically, that I am again craving on a daily basis!
Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your heart and yogo soul with so many.” Anne

“Dear Padma,
I have recently begun to walk the path of enlightenment and have just found your Living Yoga program on TV! I tape each show and my 7 year old daughter & I both enjoy learning about yoga together. Thank you so much for providing a glimpse into the world of yoga. If not for your show, I may never have delved into this awareness of peace and relaxation.”-

” I have seen a whole new side to Yoga. What I enjoy most is your brief explanations that you give each day of the word, pronunciation etc. Good Food for thought…you have enlightened, strengthened and brought a sense of peace into my life…and I thank you!”- Carol

“I just adored the chant at the end of the show…I’m hoping this will get my peace and feeling of calm back.”

“I thoroughly enjoy your daily programs. They are a very grounding & centring as well as strengthening both physically and spiritually. They are a perfect way to begin each day. Being on a very tight budget I feel very blessed to have daily access to such a quality program at a perfect time (before I get ready for work).I hope your program continues indefinitely! With gratitude,” Pat Do, Winnipeg

“The shows have helped me develop a sense of calm, relaxation and peace. Unfortunately there are times when I have to miss your shows. I was wondering if you have a book or video available for purchasing. If not, could you suggest some sources for me. Thank you again – your specialness and peacefulness travels through the television and I thank you for this. “ Jane G.

“Your show is awesome! I appreciate your positive attitude and the peaceful way in which you practice yoga. Keep up the good work.” Valerie

“Dear Padma, I have recently discovered your television program. I would like to thank you for your show which embodies the true essence of yoga.

I have been practicing yoga off and on for over thirty years, since I was a child in the sixties. I came back to it after a short break about eight years ago, after the birth of my third child.

Eventually, I did notice a few programs popping up hear and there and I attempted to follow them. I found them either too technical without much variety, or loud and repetitive, interfering with the practice.

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in presenting a truly wonderful program. It has brought me so much in such a short period of time. I hope you will continue to present your peaceful and soothing practice.

Yours truly,”-Alison S-A
(Southampton, New Brunswick)

“I want to thank for the show as our paths have crossed at a much needed time. My stress level has decreased and I am starting to stop and smell the roses. Say hi to the other Yogis. Thank-You” Chris

“I’d stretch and breath. It was most relaxing and stress releasing.
Participating in your program has helped me to enjoy that again and realize
that I should have kept up with this long ago. The older I get the more my body tells me of this reality and when I stretch and breath I feel so much better and younger again.
I just want you to know that your approach to life and the realness of your program is what has prompted me to participate. You exhibit a well being that is strong and real, and your message makes you a good role model to everyone. I hope that your life rewards you well and that you continue
to reach out with your talent.
Thank you,” Cheyne V

“I have enjoyed my attempts to follow you and the other practitioners on your show. I appreciate your encouraging insights and your authenticity, kindness, gentleness and warmth — I think it is this that has kept me going.

I can feel slight change, even after this short time. I try not to get caught up in perfectionism and be discouraged at how weak my body is right now. Your shows on non-violence came at exactly the right time for me. I was just getting started and felt frustrated at my inability to do the postures… and you basically told the audience to be kind to ourselves… practice non-violence with ourselves. That was exactly the encouragement I needed to abandon perfection for reality and accept that my body will do what it can and needs to do for now. “ Whitney

“Having survived two near fatal bicycle accidents, the suicide of my brother, early death of my mother (cancer), and a life long struggle with
depression, I can honestly say that the joy you bring through your thoughtful sharing of your yogic experience has helped me regain control of my mind, spirit, and body.
Old emotions, pains and tensions have been gently dealt with and
released, leaving me free to wake up invigorated and ready to face each day with strength and balance. Thank you!” Shelley Anne S

Thanks for your show, it has shown me how to find my positive place. I feel like I’m getting better and smiling more.The breathing exercises really help.

Your show is a great balance.” Kim in Mississauga

“I so appreciate what Padma brings to my practice. I was in India myself. Listening to Padma’s teachings, and her very presence brings me to “my ancient home” once again, which I miss terribly.” Karen

“Dear Padma,
Thank you for introducing me to Yoga practice. I am a 48 year old man who has been building a company for the past 6 years and is now seeking balance and honing the skill of finding peacefulness. Your morning program, 5:30am, gives me this strength I need each day to meet the challenges of a growing business. I would like to share this with my wife, children and later my employees. Again, thank you for brining this skill of finding peace and developing agility into my life. Warmest regards,” Gordon M

“First let me tell you I just love your show! I have been taping your show for just over a year and I absolutely love it! I enjoy listening to your wealth of knowledge in regards to meditation, yoga your philosophies!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enriching my life. Yoga and meditation has changed my life only for the better. I wish everyone would become a “Yogi”.

“Dearest Padma,
I would like to start by saying that i have thoroughly enjoyed life in the past three months that i have discovered your show!
Honestly , I never really gave myself enough time to look into the things that i wanted to do, yoga being one , so your show has changed me and i now watch it everyday, even on weekends! I thought that you should know that you have totally inspired me to be a better person through yoga and meditative practice.Even more so Im glad that I discovered yoga at age 21 so I may look forward to a whole life of yoga. I have you to thank for this. I have not quite mastered the art of meditation but I meditate to my own personal power which feels pretty good. I find myself humming the song from your show!
Once again Id like to thank you for being such a positive influence to me, as it is hard to find these days, and Id like you to know that you , Padma, have helped me to make drastic decisions and you didn’t even know it!!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this.I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning!!!!!
Sincerely,” Lindsay G

“Dear Padma, I have watched about 4 of your shows and I am absolutely in love with your teachings. I know nothing about yoga or meditation. I’m a jogger, I was running 57 km a week until I got a repetitive strain injury from work. I have been searching for something to replace the relaxing and meditative feelings I get from these two activities. I think I have found it!!” Joan

“Dear Padma Thank You for sharing yourself with the world. You have changed my life by
taking me by the hand and showing the way. Your beuty goes far beyond the
physical; In a dream I had, you showed me something that has changed my view on love and desire. My whole family knows who you are and my Mother and
sister love you. Again you are such a great help in my life. Thank You. I am
trying to see the colorful and happy side of the world wherever I go.” Chris

“First off let me begin by saying that I thoroughly enjoy your program! I have been with formal yoga studies for 5 yrs now. Recently I was involved in a car accident and have not found my way back to my classroom. However, I have found my practice continues due to the inspiration I receive from your program each morning. Thank you.

“I was hoping that there are more shows being recorded as I have gone through all of your shows 4 times over now. A joy truly yet am yearning for more.

“I have always been fascinated by the Sanskrit language and am always delighted to revel in your knowledge. I admire that a seemingly North American woman was able to pick it up so well. “- Tracy Lynn Caughill

“Dear Padma, I have been watching Living Yoga on television. I am a 57 year old lady that has enjoyed doing yoga since my children were young. I have found over the years I have a quest for more knowledge in meditation. I do enjoy very much your teaching of meditation and it has helped me to quiet the chatter in my mind and become more calm in my everyday life. Peace be with you always.” Elaine from Innisfil ON Canada

“Hello, I started Practicing Yoga fir the first time about 3 months ago , when i saw your show. I immediately felt better mentally i told my sister in law after the first show i watched, theres just something about the way she chants or the chant itself, i find myself singing it in the day for peace of mind. i am also finding that the more i hear it , the more i want to hear it and chant it.I just have to say after seeing the website i really do understand why i enjoy your show. you have accomplished so much in this practice and i just thank you for the show and the peace it has brought to me. Thank you so much for your time.” Sarah

“I have learned so much about yoga, meditation and myself these past few months studying with you. You are a wonderful leader and you have a gift of being able to inspire and bring out the best in people in a kind/compassionate way (which is not an easy thing to do).

It’s very obvious that you are living the practices that you teach. “ Wendy

“During the philosophy portion of the Ocean DVD, where you speak about why meditation and yoga are beneficial, I was so touched by the notion of being free and becoming friends with one’s body and mind rather than allowing them to bog one down with negativity, that I began to cry. I realized that all my life, I had subjected myself to unrealistic standards and I had trouble achieving my goals because the thoughts that circled in my mind were those of doubt and insecurity. I was constantly searching from validation from others and if it wasn’t accessible, I had no sense of self-worth or achievement. I hadn’t even realized this prior to watching and listening to you. I feel like I have no way to reciprocate the pleasure and knowledge I gained from your insight, so I am writing instead to wish you all the best in life and any future successes, however you may define those.”-

“Dear Padma, Thank you for actually replying yourself! That was an unexpected delightful surprise. Sunday morning they actually played the same episode but this time I caught the beginning where you read Michael’s poem very nice indeed.
I am attaching two images of sculptures that have been inspired by your yoga sessions on television.
Please continue to include your stories of your time in the Himalayas and India they are really wonderful and is exactly what sets you and your show apart from the other countless many.
I believe that yours is the real deal. “- Tamaya G, Plantagenet, Ontario
“I really enjoyed your words of wisdom about meditating, especially ” nirvana is simply a state in which we are not suffering. I have to run to teach a yoga class, but I will humbly share what I dubb as ‘ Padma’s words of wisdom’ with my class during our yin yoga session that nirvana is simply a state of peace and serenity.. you don’t have to endure an out of body experience to reach this state. I often mention you words of the day from your show and recommend students watch to learn some of the Sanskrit philosophies and terminology :)”- leslie

“I am writing to thank you for your show.
Your show has helped me to unwind at the end of the day physically and emotionally, also leading to an increase in my spirituality and peace of mind. I was thrilled and proud to learn that you were Canadian. Your strength and beauty come through very successfully in the program and even though I’ve never met you in person, I have great respect for you.

I often find myself disappointed, in a way, when the show is over because my body feels happier. I particularly appreciate the attention that you pay to the details of the mechanics of each posture, for each person’s safety. Your attention to details is important to a beginner like me – and I have found those lacking in most or all of the other programs on the air.” Sincerely,
Leanne D
Ottawa, ON

“I will take this brief opportunity to acknowledge your contribution to my current path as nothing short of sensational and most perfectly timed. You are gifted in your method of presentation and I would like to thank you for offering this Patanjali class. I am enjoying spending a portion of Tuesdays at the studio with you and the others.” Libby

” Je suis allée avec une amie au workshop que tu as donné à Toronto le 3 novembre dernier. Ce fut une très belle expérience pour moi qui commence (à 63 ans) à faire du yoga, avec toi à la télévision, le matin.

Tu es une belle personne et j’aime beaucoup ton calme, ta simplicité, ta beauté et ton charme. Merci pour cette belle fin de semaine. J’aimerais recevoir ta Newsletter à chaque mois.” Jocelyne L

“Dear Padma, Your yoga program on TV, your way of teaching and being are very special to me. Your TV yoga classes basically saved my life and reinvented my emotional well-being in 2006-2007, when I lived in Montreal. I am very thankful. I have been following the class almost every day for a year and stopped in summer 2007.”- Elena.

“I guess I just wanted to thank you, as I feel that seeing your radiance, your centered peace made me aware of my mine. It is not just you, I was going through some rough times and began meditating more and more. I had never felt more in touch with myself that when your show was over and I heard the chanting. I felt the words through my spine and I knew I had achieved something, something that is hard to learn in this western world of ours. There is one last thing I felt I needed to tell you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon; and please don’t doubt these words, they are true. I had never seen such serenity and awareness as I saw in your eyes.”- Jean-N

“So I’d just like to thank you for sharing your experience and teachings, and let you know these practices are getting me from depression to healthy.

You are transforming my life everyday with your shared knowledge. I have been through a very chaotic time in my life and you have truly been a cornerstone to my growing in body, mind and spirit.

“Your program was incredible and inspired me on numerous levels. You introduced me to the wonderful world of Yoga; philosophies, the Spiritual aspects and the countless benefits Yoga provides to our lives. I am so grateful to have discovered your show and I stayed committed daily for two years. I shared with Gita Ma (the instructor of YTT) how you inspired me to further my Yogic path. Thank you.

“You are truly beautiful in every way and have a gentleness and real sincerity about you.
It was a gift to see what a wonderful being you are. I am a retired teacher who enjoys yoga, qi gong, toastmasters, and watercolor painting, but more importantly, I am finding that each day, the love for colour and the beauty in people, continues to grow so much I almost feel a glow.”-
Len S

“Since I have begun watching your show on a daily basis and enriching myself with this relaxing and balancing therapy, every aspect of life has flourished. Not only do I feel better, but I also look better too. I approach situations very differently now, focusing on the mudhuram and purnam of life. I truly listen to your insights and appreciate the knowledge you have to share. Your series has helped me view life in a completely different light and have shared my newly acquired knowledge with colleagues, friends and family.

As yoga has begun to be such an essential element of my lifestyle, I am interested in deepening my knowledge through readings, classes and retreats. Rachelle T
Winnipeg, Manitoba

” All of your smiles are infectious and one feels that you are truly all great friends. Lucky you! I also marvel at your wisdom and listen intently, relating to every sanskrit word and meaning and feeling absolutely refreshed and calm after each yoga session.” Trisha P, New Westminster, BC

“Thank you deeply for your wonderful show ~ you have brought new life to my personal yoga regime ~ a new “freedom” to my breath, as you taught in a current show.
Your style and simplicity in the routines is comforting and since suffering a bad spinal injury in December, I have not been able to do my yoga again until recently ~ when I discovered your show, it gave me new hope that I would be able to someday again do the yoga I did before my injury, your teaching method gives me the confidence to once again reap the wonderful rewards of yoga, not to mention the overall healthier feeling, spiritually, mentally and physically, that I am again craving on a daily basis!
Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your heart and yoga soul with so many.”

“I love your show. This is my first time seeing it. You
have the fragrance of Spirituality about you and you are visibly centered in
it. LOVE.” William James M

“I have recently been waking up “early” every day to allow my body to
remember Hatha Yoga and mediation with Padma. After many years of being
“too busy” to take the time I am now finding that this time is the most
important time of my day. And this is in large part to finding myself
“connecting” with Padma’s approach to teaching. Padma’s teaching has a
“truthfulness and honesty” that is refreshingly forthright. I applaud her
for both her personal yogi dedication and the courage (fearlessness) to
reach out to many others “unabridged”. And from this experience I am now
interested in learning the read, write and perfectly pronounce the Sanskrit.
Please send me any information you may have in this respect as noted on your website. Thank you.”- Sheryl D

“Let me know which sacred text that mantra was taken from. I knew some of the words and its meaning but I can’t put the meaning together. I am a practicing Sanatanist (Hindu) and I love these great mantras. I must say that you pronounce Sanskrit words very beautifully. Thank you and May God bless you with good health and keep up the good work.
Namaskar. “-
Bhagwandeen R

“Your gentle and unhurried manner make you a superior teacher,
especially for people like me who may need more time to enter into different positions. I also enjoy learning the meanings of the various Sanskrit words you introduce daily and your soothing chants. You may not take this as a compliment, but I think you are the best TV teacher since Lilias. Cheers,”
Marie A
Toronto, Ontario

“Your presentation, your approach to Yoga, and the content are the best I have ever seen.

Your show helps feed’s that positive energy and I felt that I should let you know. It’s that energy that’s helping me to reach my serenity in my own life. I will leave it at that because I can go on forever. Thanks.” Reggie

“Your tv-show has brought to me a whole new way of seeing how to live a better lifestyle. I was reluctant before to do yoga because i am not that flexible and i have asthma. But your show has shown me that even with physical limitations, you can still have a great life! I now feel that i can accomplish anything and your show helped me realise that.

So an immense thank you, from a loyal fan!” Sandra Hould

“My child is 2.5 years old so that I don’t have enough time to practice Yoga and meditation, but I try to keep in mind to have deep breathing and relax the shoulders when stressed.

Thank you again for hosting the program. I’m a big fan of your program and you saved my life. “- Keiko

” Yoga has made such a huge difference for me that I certainly ‘know’ when haven’t done it. It has taught me to forgive myself and just keep working through the day exploring what would be best for me to do next. I even chant and hum with you now,” Cyndi

“I’ve been watching your show nearly religiously (sometimes twice a day) for the last six months, and I’ve been staying committed to my daily yoga and meditation practices, in the mornings and evenings, before and after work. I find it invigorating as well as calming to begin and end my day, clear and centered, flexible and strong – mentally, emotionally and physically. Yoga and meditation have become my two most important tools to staying on the new path I have chosen for myself.” – Karen.

“I have started to incorporate yoga daily into my life because of your program.

I particularly like your warm personality and the wholstic approach taken …spiritual, meditation and yoga combined. Also, the gentle approach and warm up is particularly suited to older participants like myself.” -Wendy A

“You are the only teacher that “truly” incorporates body, mind and spirit. And I was seeing real progress in myself with your teaching.” Sheryl, B.C.

“What I love most about your show is the melifluity of your poses and the graceful depth with which you communicate the principles of yoga. As an ‘almost’ philosophy graduate and devotee to intuitive studies, I watch your program every day, and have been since I discovered it a few weeks ago.”

” I really enjoy your show. I am 51 and have Fibromyalgia. This is the first time that I have found a style of Yoga that I can do. I find most programs videos etc. too strenuous and designed for younger, healthier people. Today I got ready at 9:30am to do Yoga as I have now at least 5 days a week for 6 months. I think blending mediation, chanting and your wise philosophies was an excellent change from the usual exercise emphasis of other shows. I hope your show will return again to daytime tv. It has really helped me develop flexibility, so important for Fibromyalgia as well as general aging. I will miss seeing you everyday! “ Sincerely, Debra H

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