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Pre-Register Here for the complete Padma Meditation Training Program and get 18% Off Tuition of what you’d pay for the courses individually.

This includes TUITION for all four Online Meditation courses, plus TUITION for both the Living Wisdom and Teach Meditation Retreats.


This original and unique program has been specially designed to unfold mental clarity, self-discovery, inner power and joy. Developed by a master of meditation, this training starts you off with key foundational steps of a daily meditation practice, then adds further effective techniques, plus accessible, inspiring philosophy, discourses and inquiry, and ultimately unfolds in you an awakened awareness and deep confidence. Observing how you come to know all this for yourself, you’ll be equipped to help guide others to start their own journey.

Learn the art, wisdom and skills of being a great facilitator.

Padma Meditation is high quality Meditation Training, soundly based in time-proven Vedant wisdom and techniques, plus freshly designed for our modern lives. Padma’s popular training workshops are now made available as these online courses, so you can practise in the comfort of your home. Take the full training for your own happiness and enlightenment, and train to become one of Canada’s first Certified Meditation Teachers.

PRE-REGISTER here for your Tuition for the Online Courses.


Q: Is this a self-paced program?
A. You can start anytime. Each week the online course materials are sent out on Wednesday evening. You have a week till the next materials are sent out to you. Sometimes students want more time in between to have more time to practice so we can schedule the materials to be sent every 2 weeks if you prefer. You can practice at your own pace and in your own time. You can repeat the materials and keep practicing long after you’ve gone through the materials once. If you want to delay or postpone the next course at any time you simply have to email and we’ll adjust to your schedule, as you like. We’re flexible!

Q: When and where is the certification retreat, and how much does it cost?
A: ** At this time of Covid our Retreats are sadly cancelled. This retreat component of the Training Program will be covered in 10 private online sessions with Padma.

Q: What support will I get through the program?
A: While you are following the program, you will be supported by email. We invite you to email your questions -up to once a week. If you want more personal guidance, you can register for private sessions online, and when you’re enrolled in the courses these sessions only cost $50 an hour for a private class (compared to $125/hr). You can also join other events with Padma, for example, live at workshops, and also live online group classes.
Extra supportive materials such as suggested books and DVDs of Padma Yoga are available for sale.

Q: Are there extra costs for the course materials?
A: The tuition of the program includes all your weekly course manuals in pdf form, emailed to you. You’ll have a large collection of writings, and many students print these out for their own study and notes. You’ll also receive one guided audio meditation for each week of the courses (18 altogether!). You’ll keep these for your own use and to support you always in your personal meditations. You’ll also have access to the video streaming classes on Vimeo for at least 3 months from the week of the class.

This program is an investment in your dream of helping others find inner peace and reach their own potential through meditation.
PRE-REGISTER for the Compete Program and get 18% Off your Tuition!

Help others to find inner peace and reach their full spiritual, mental, emotional potential through meditation.

TUITION in Canadian Dollars:

1. Begin Meditation = $50

2. Relax into Meditation = $195

3. Finding Freedom = $250

4. Be Free from Suffering = $195

5. Living Wisdom 4-Day retreat = $875

6. Teach Meditation 3-Day Workshop = $875

PRE-REGISTRATION TUITION = $1995 CAD (Save $445 cad)

PRE-REGISTER here for the complete program
REGISTER one course at a time.

1. PRE-REGISTER. To complete the Teacher Training Certification Program, Pre-Register for the complete program and Save 18% off your Tuition!
When you Pre-Register for the complete program you’ll automatically be registered for each upcoming course, one after the next in this order:

#5. LIVING WISDOM retreat (Tuition only)
#6. TEACH MEDITATION retreat (Tuition only)

Total PRE-REGISTERED Tuition = $1995 CAD

2. REGISTER one course at a time. If you choose to you can register individually one at a time for each course, then email to Padma about your intention to join the retreat and get details on accommodations etc. Each course starts each Wednesday. Register for the courses as follows:

Start with the course BEGIN MEDITATION (2 weeks)
Then register for RELAX INTO MEDITATION (5 weeks)
Then FINDING FREEDOM (6 weeks)
Then BE FREE (5 weeks)
Register for the 1-week Retreat: LIVING WISDOM (4 days)+ TEACH (3 days)
Complete all 4 online courses and register for the retreat. You don’t have to complete all 4 online courses before joining the week retreat.
The next 7-day retreat is TBD.

Total Tuition if you INDIVIDUALLY REGISTER for each COURSE = $2440 CAD.

If you have any questions please Email Padma

Accommodations and meals are separate from Tuition. If you Pre-Register for your Tuition, then you’ll also have to separately register for your Retreat Accommodations in our store CART, thank you.

Further Clarification on Tuitions:


Register for each course as you go
You can Register on the website for each course and workshop individually as you go. Take the online courses according to your own schedule.

The total tuition for the complete Teacher Training Program will come to $2440 CAD


If you Pre-Register for the complete program, you get 18% off your total Tuition and are automatically registered for the upcoming four online courses in series:

Begin Meditation
Relax into Meditation
Finding Freedom
Be Free
You will be registered in the 7-day retreat, which will be 10 online private classes with Padma at this time.

This total tuition is $1995 CAD (a $445 Discount)

*If you want to change the date of starting any online course, please email us to adjust that. You can change any online course start date, take them in your own time. You’ll get your certification once you’ve competed all the required courses and assignments.

We will email to you to confirm everything. You’ll be registered for the next online course in the series after the one you have already completed. For example, if you’ve already taken Finding Freedom course, then we’ll start you off with Begin Meditation, then after that skip straight to Relax into Meditation.
Plus, your place will be saved in the upcoming certification retreat.

Thank you!

Email to Padma for more information.

Components of the PADMA MEDITATION Teacher Training Certification Program:

1. Begin Meditation – 2 weeks (10 hours) online course

2. Relax into Meditation – 5 weeks (25 hours) online course

3. Finding Freedom – 6 weeks (30 hours) online course.

4. Be Free – 5 weeks (25 hours) online course

5. Until further notice, the “Retreat” portion of this program will be 10 Private Online Sessions with Padma.

TOTAL HOURS of the program = 150+ Hrs instruction and practice

Additional final Certification Requirements to be submitted are as follows. Before the Retreat, Padma will consult you on these requirements:

Aural Exam
Written Exam
Live Practicum of Teaching a Class
Written 1000-word essay on a given topic
Reading Requirements completed

Total = 150 Hours Program

Find Your Natural Self

Help others find inner peace and enjoy their full potential through meditation!

– 150 Hour Certification Program Developed by Padma Meditation
– Unique and Original Program Presented by Padma, Canada’s premier Meditation Teacher, and a Certified – Master Teacher of the International Meditation Institute of India
– 1 Week Live Contact Retreat Time with Padma (60 hours)(***At this time this is 10 ONLINE PRIVATE CLASSES)
– 18 Weeks of Home Practice Courses (90 hours)
– Expert Personal Guidance Throughout
– Lifetime Access to Materials
– 3 Months anytime Access to Videos
– Educational Manuals pdfs to keep
– Audio Guided Meditation mp3’s to keep
– Self-Paced (2 to 5 hours per week)
– Great Value for the Price
– Incredible Results!

Optional Resources available for purchase:

– DVDs of Padma Yoga Television episodes (30 hours)
– Sanskrit chants sung by Padma


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