I’m starting a blog post on my site, since it would be so lovely to communicate frequently with my friends and to express some words that come to me in meditation these days.

These autumn days are glorious with golden and orange leaves on the trees and ground, the smell of cool soil and the low afternoon light. I’m drawn to meditate in the mornings when it’s still not quite light out. Sitting in pre-activity space, it’s so easy to relax and just be the space of meditation. It seems there is no need of any technique or practice at all to be silent and still and blessed. I wrap a wool shawl around me and often have a cup of coffee by my side. Relishing the time when most people are still sleeping, there’s no stress present at all, no obligation or concern. Just simple clear being, by myself.

The word Swatantra comes to mind- which translates as “self-effulgent” or “independent”. When we sit in meditation, we are ultimately swatantra- being as we are without movement or activity, just watching whatever activity comes through the mind-space and knowing that we are the vast space of awareness, like the sky, who is never changed no matter what thoughts come through us.

I love to have no time schedule either- to sit as short or long as I like in the morning quiet. It’s a great blessing to have time to meditate and I believe it’s an obligation to us who have that time and health. I hope when you meditate this week in the mornings, that you’ll know that I’m right there with you in the peaceful space of just being.

Love, Padma