Workshops/ Retreats

Next Meditation Weekend:
May 25 & 26, 2024. near Victoria

In 2025. Save the Dates!
14-Day Journey to India, September 14-28, 2025


Revitalising Meditation Weekend

MAY 25 and 26, 2024

10am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday

Join Padma for two days of meditations and discussions and deepen your insights.  Padma will guide you through powerful practices, and discuss with you the wisdom of how meditation harmonizes with your daily life.

We’ll be in the nature house at beautiful Wmiyeten Nature Sanctuary (Mary Lake) in Langford near Victoria, BC. 

Experience peaceful Meditation, insightful Philosophy, blissful Sanskrit Chanting, healing Breathwork, clear personal guidance, inspiring Discourses, refreshing Forest Walks, and quiet, deep peace throughout.


September 14 to 28, 2025

Save the dates to join Padma for a 2-week adventure in the Himalayas of India!
The mornings will be an immersion in developing practice and deepening study, and the afternoons will be free for wonderful adventures, hikes, fun, and quiet personal time too. See all Details HERE.

Everyone is welcome to join this Retreat; and it is also apart of completing the Padma Meditation Training Program.

Welcome to this most extraordinary adventure of a lifetime!!

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What students are saying

“I am so grateful for the teachings and experiences I am receiving through you. I’m aware of a sense of excitement each day when I settle into meditation and find myself integrating a deeper awareness throughout my days.”

“I am so grateful for having met you and being part of your meditation group and the deep and insightful discussions that happen there.”

“Thank you for our time together this evening. I felt so blessed in the teachings you shared and kept hearing inside of me “brilliant, brilliant!” with great joy and freedom. I sense the word brilliant reflects the brilliance of light that shines through the teachings.”

“Your classes are so intimate and special. I really look forward to them and learn something quite profound each time.”

“I found your course to be very simply stated with deep meaning.”

“I feel lighter!”

“Every time I hear Padma I find more clarity. Clarity and calm are leadership skills!”

“The freedom that you’ve introduced to me has given me the sense of power to direct my life on a path that I am more certain of now.”


The mission of Padma Meditation is to offer education and skills for finding personal freedom, and to support living in peace, health and happiness.